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most often, a hematoma, for example, subcutaneous, gradually resolves during natural protective and regenerative processes, but in some cases, the threat of suppuration or mechanical pressure on vital organs forces one to resort to urgent surgical intervention.

Other, much rarer causes include various hematological and infectious diseases that cause thinning, fragility, increased permeability of the vascular walls and / or a decrease in blood clotting, especially if such a pathology occurs against the background of hypovitaminosis or hypertension. Diagnosis includes the collection of anamnestic information and complaints, standard rhinoscopy (examination of the septum using a dilator). As diagnostic necessity, laboratory and instrumental studies are prescribed - usually this is X-ray, CT, sometimes a puncture of the contents.

In all cases, when the hematoma of the nasal septum is caused by non-traumatic causes, the most thorough examination and treatment of the underlying disease is required, since such a hematoma is a very alarming symptom. Why does a hematoma of the nasal septum occur and how to eliminate it? The causes of the pathological process are.

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Vascular injury due to surgery on the septum (septoplasty). At the postoperative stage, blood from the vessels affected during the surgical intervention accumulates under the mucosa on one or both sides. Nose bruises. Nose fractures. Hematoma of the nasal septum can be observed in both adults and children. There are two forms of pathology. unilateral and bilateral.

The first is characterized by unilateral accumulation of blood and a mild course of the pathological process. It is also easier to treat. The bilateral form involves the accumulation of blood on both sides and often turns into an abscess. In many situations, bruising covers only the cartilaginous section of the septum. In the presence of a unilateral hematoma of the nose, breathing will not change. Painful syndrome will be mild or completely absent. As a direct result of this, many patients discover the disease late. At this time, the hematoma begins to fester and turns into an abscess, which is dangerous for the curvature of the nasal septum and complications inside the skull.

Symptoms often depend on how badly the septum is damaged.

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